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About Us

At London Bridge, we realize the first two years of life are critical, as they set the stage for all the years that follow. We provide a loving, responsive atmosphere with predictable care and familiar people to foster an essential trust of one self and others that is vital to a young child's development. Daily lesson plans are created around the Rhode Island Early Learning Standards (RIELS) eight domains: Literacy, Mathematics, Social-Emotional, Language Development and Communication, Approaches to Learning, Physical Health and Development and Creativity.The infant teachers play with the baby's, offer tummy time, read, sing, do art activities (such as yogurt finger painting!),teach Baby Signs, feed, diaper, encourage fine and gross motor development, learn to recognize baby's needs and cues, talk with and respond to baby's vocalizations throughout each day! All of this creates a strong bond between the baby and their caregiver.Outdoor time, including stroller rides, is offered daily as weather permits. Daily sheets are completed throughout the day documenting each child's day. This includes feeding, diapering, sleep times as well as the daily lesson plan activities. Teachers work with families as a team to meet each child's individual needs and family expectations. Written progress reports and milestones are sent home quarterly. All staff are required to have current CPR and First Aid certification.

Two year olds begin to transition from the sensory-motor world of a younger child to more symbolic thinking. During the first two years of a child's life, the foundation for all intelligence and emotional development is created. Through daily conversation and interactions, teachers help toddlers develop and strengthen their language. Our environment is enriched with songs and stories. Toddlers love imaginative play and sensory experiences You'll often find toddlers making pretend lunch with their friends in our kitchen or digging for treasures in our sensory table. As toddlers begin to develop a sense of autonomy, the sense of being a separate independent being, and they want to do things for themselves without the help of others. We realize the word "No" is a declaration of this independence! In the Toddler Room, children are given the opportunity to explore a safe environment as they begin to gain control of their own body. Toilet training and self feeding are incorporated in the toddler curriculum. The Rhode Island Early Learning Standards (RIELS) are used for lesson planning. They include:

Literacy, Mathematics, Social-Emotional, Language Development and Communication, Approaches to Learning, Physical Health and Development and Creativity. Each day small and large group play opportunities, self directed and child choice activities are offered. Short circle times are held throughout the day in a developmentally appropriate manner. Outdoor play is included twice a day, weather permitting. Family conferences are offered twice yearly. Our staff are required to have current CPR and First Aid certification.

Our Preschool Class has up to 16 three and four year olds with three teachers. Our low child to teacher ratio is crucial to meet each child's individual need. We believe children learn best through play and interaction with others. Daily lesson plans are written using the Rhode Island Early Learning Standards (RIELS) eight domains. They include: Literacy, Mathematics, Social-Emotional, Language Development and Communication, Approaches to Learning, Physical Health and Development and Creativity. Typical centers include: dramatic play, manipulative, cooking, sensory, library, and art/creative experiences. We provide outdoor play twice daily, weather permitting. Throughout the day children engage in self-directed and guided choices, small and large group experiences, circle time and meal times. We have the East Greenwich librarian present story times two times a month. London Bridge has an intergenerational component that includes monthly visits to Regal Court (an elderly housing building on our street) where we sing, present skits or a circus, trick or treat and go caroling around the holidays. Preschoolers have 2 field trips by bus - one to Schartner Farm in the fall and one in the spring to the Providence Children's Museum. Many evening or weekend Family Engagement opportunities are offered such as: Bedtime Stories, Math Fun, Boys Night Out, an Ice Cream Social and a Parent Action Committee. We offer Family Conferences twice yearly. Our curriculum is guided by the children's interests and abilities. The preschool head teacher is Early Childhood certified and all staff are CPR and First Aid certified..

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten are a combined class for the majority of the day. We begin our day with yoga, followed by circle time. During circle, children are given specific jobs for the day including calendar helper, meteorologist, snack helper and veterinarian. We also sing a variety of songs and read stories during this time. Morning centers are designed based upon the children's interests and the Rhode Island Early Learning Standards (Approaches to Learning, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Creativity, Physical Development and Language Development and Communication). Centers range from teacher directed to child initiated. The teachers spend a great deal of time teaching phonological awareness at this age. This includes the sounds of letters and we encourage them to write throughout the day, utilizing this skill. Free choice is also an option for the children for a substantial portion of the day. We believe children learn best through play and our teachers work hard to provide an environment rich in print and language for children to explore and make discoveries. Small and large group experiences are offered, as well as time for children to learn individually. After our catered hot lunch is served, Pre-K children rest/nap on their cots. The kindergarten children then go in to the next room and are taught by a certified early childhood teacher. Rhode Island has recently adopted the Common Core standards for Kindergarten children that our teacher uses to guide her lessons. Kindergarten children in our care begin to read and develop skills required to enter first grade. Our low child-to-teacher ratio provides high quality care with many opportunities for one-on-one learning. Outdoor play occurs twice a day (weather permitting) for all children. Throughout the year, we also offer special opportunities for families to gather at school. For example we have a potluck dinner, holiday concert, a luau and of course, a very special graduation celebration in June.